Rejecting Rejection eCourse


Through 8 powerful lessons, discover the life-transforming truths and strategies you need to heal the hurt and stop the fear of rejection.



How would your life change if memories of past rejection no longer hurt? What could you do if you weren’t afraid of being rejected in the future?

Kyle knows the paralyzing pain and fear of rejection. But he also knows incredible healing and freedom. And he’s here to hold your hand through the process of healing the hurt and stopping the fear in your life.

Through eight powerful lessons, Kyle reveals the life-transforming truths and strategies you need to conquer rejection and grow in confidence and courage. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the spiritual and psychological roots of your fear of rejection
  • Spiritual truths to heal the wounds of past rejection and overcome the fear of it
  • How to use the design of your mind to reprogram it for confidence and courage
  • Methods to shut down the pain and fear of rejection when it happens in the moment
  • Life-tested practices to overcome social anxiety
  • How to love and accept the unique person God created you to be

The eCourse includes:

  • 8 video lessons
  • 8 lesson guides
  • Discussions to interact with Kyle and other participants

8 powerful lessons:

  1. The Roots of Rejection (9 mins)
  2. Renewing Your Mind (9 mins)
  3. Identifying with Your New Identity (8 mins)
  4. You Are Lovable (9 mins)
  5. You Are Chosen (8 mins)
  6. You Are Vindicated (8 mins)
  7. Methods of Mind Renewal (9 mins)
  8. 4 Life-Tested Practices (9 mins)

The lesson videos stream on any computer or mobile device. Each video is closed captioned. Each lesson guide is downloadable to print.

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