Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through Noise


Take a fascinating look into the life of Jesus to discover practical tips to master distractions and experience real intimacy with God.

  • Author: Eric Samuel Timm
  • Pages: 204
  • Binding: Paperback

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You can learn to ignore life’s distractions.
You can overcome fear and doubt.
You can have intimacy with God.

Noise. It’s everywhere. Televisions blaring out commercials. Opinions shouted over the radio. The Internet and its unlimited distractions. All of the tasks and choices that you know don’t really matter. Always intensifying, becoming a deep part of our everyday cycle, our now hurried lives.

But often God speaks to us in the stillness. When Elijah needed to hear from God, God sent a fire, a quake, and a huge wind. But God wasn’t in the fire. He wasn’t in the quake. He wasn’t in the wind. God was in the whisper. But the noise hides the whisper.

Life is a dangerous place when we are stripped of our ability to hear God clearly.

During His time here on earth Jesus Christ was a master of noise. He balanced time healing, teaching, and feeding the multitudes with regular periods alone with His Father. Static Jedi takes a look at the life of Jesus to help you master the noise and distractions and live in clarity.

Each chapter includes practical applications and questions perfect for individual devotion or to use with a small group.


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