Activating the Power of God’s Word (for eCourse Participants)


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Special offer for participants of the Activating the Power of God’s WordeCourse only.

The confidence, courage, and resolve in many of the greatest Bible heroes and world-changers are the result of a single, powerful, biblical principle. It’s a principle woven into the very foundation of creation that, when applied, has the power to calm chaos, overcome obstacles, and win every battle. The secret? Activating the power of God’s spoken Word.

With in-depth Bible study and practical teaching, Kyle challenges you to speak 16 strategic declarations that will help you:

  • Define purpose and identity
  • Experience rest and refreshment
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Engage in spiritual warfare

What People Are Saying

“This profound resource will change your life, family, and destiny!”
—Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural!

“The key to living a victorious life in Christ is, without a doubt, speaking the Word. Activating the Power of God’s Word sets you up to succeed by giving practical directives.”
—Marilyn Hickey