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Shut Up, Devil book?

Shut Up, Devil book

We’re looking for enthusiastic and social people to spread the word about Kyle’s new book, Shut Up, Devil. (Releasing April 12, 2022)

If you’re selected for the launch team, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Shut Up, Devil as a gift for your help in spreading the word on social media, blogs, YouTube and/or in online reviews.

Selection is determined by the book publisher.

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(Opportunity only available to U.S. residents)

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Complete the information only for the platforms on which you are active. Selection is not based entirely on the number of followers.

*By submitting, you agree to voluntarily share quotes, graphical memes and other promotional information related to the book with your social media audiences.

**Submission does not guarantee selection. Selection is determined by the publisher. If selected, you will be notified by March 1, 2022.

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