What the History of Christmas Day Reveals about God

Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

“Christians shouldn’t celebrate Christmas!”

Every year, I receive various versions of that charge. Some go as far as to claim, “You CAN’T be a Christian and celebrate Christmas!

That’s bold.

The reason some make these assertions has to do with Christmas’s history. After all, it’s indisputable that December 25 was once the day that pagans celebrated the “return” of the sun.

But does that mean we shouldn’t or can’t celebrate Jesus’s birth on that day?

I actually believe it means we may celebrate it all the more—for an amazing reason that has to do with YOU!

Take just 3 minutes to hear me explain. ⬇️

P.S. There’s some great news you won’t hear on the news (or from many Christians), which reveals why God is happy this Christmas. Watch my full-length teaching now.

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