The Devil-Crafted Lie Making You Feel Lonely

Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

Online stats reveal that Sunday night is the most popular time when people search for help.

The most frequent topic they search? Loneliness.

As I write in my book, Shut Up, Devil, humans have been wired for relationship from the beginning. The sense of belonging is a fundamental need alongside air, water, food and safety.

The problem is that most people pursue relationships according to a devil-crafted LIE, which is backward from the way God designed.

Here’s a minute of encouragement to turn things around for you. It’s the first big step toward real acceptance and belonging. ⬇️


Shut Up, Devil Back CoverP.S. There’s a masterpiece in you that you don’t have to prove, you just have to reveal. When you do, the right people will recognize it.

More on that in chapter 10 of Shut Up, Devil. Order your signed copy or get it on Amazon in paperback, ebook or audiobook.

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