How to Feel Really Close to God

The Bible encourages, “Come close to God and He will come close to you” (James 4:8).

But if God lives inside of His people, then how does He get closer?

This isn’t talking about physical distance.

It’s talking about intimacy—what it takes to sense God’s presence and hear His voice.

The key to this kind of intimacy? “Humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil” (James 4:7).

Two words in that verse explain everything. I’ll show you. ⬇️

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A Note from God about Your Breakthrough

Did you wake up feeling anxious about what’s here or what’s ahead?

God gave me this little “note” to pass to you about it.

I took out my phone’s camera to record it for you. May it encourage you today. ⬇️

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A Prayer to Help You Know What Weaknesses to Fix vs. Embrace

We all have weaknesses.

Some of them are physical. Others are emotional, even psychological.

To have a weakness is to be human.

Yet the enemy uses it to say that you are wrong.

You should know that’s a lie. Having a weakness means nothing about you. Nor does it affect God’s love for you.

But should you try to fix a weakness? Or should you “let go and let God”?

Today, I offer a prayer to help you know what to do.

By the way, I put this prayer in my Shut Up, Devil book. It’s on page 221 in case you’d like to read along. But I thought it would be powerful to pray this over you on video. ⬇️

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What the Holy Spirit’s Voice Sounds Like

What do you think God sounds like?

I am not talking about whether His voice is more bass or baritone.

I am talking about the kinds of things He says to you.

Most people believe He speaks to them with a mixture of comfort and conviction. Something like: “I love you, but STOP that or else!”

I thought that for many years. Until I actually read what the Bible says.

Specifically, what Jesus said.

He revealed that much of what I thought was God, wasn’t God at all. 🤯

Chances are, it’s the same for you. I explain below. ⬇️

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Your Goal for Today is Really Simple

I was asked to speak to a high school youth group recently about what I know now that I wish I knew when I was their age.

That is a big question. There is so much.

But it did not take me long to think of the greatest discovery I made in my 20+ years of serious faith.

It is the basis of every single day’s top goal for me.

I will be bold and say that it should be yours, too. ⬇️

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A Prayer to Avoid the 2 Obstacles on the Way to a Promise

When it comes to a promise from God, there are those that are instantly met in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20). 

These include forgiveness, favor, and peace with God.

Then there are those that He asks you to take steps toward.

These may include a new career, a ministry opportunity, or reconciliation with friends or family.

In my experience, you will encounter 2 obstacles on your way to this kind of a promise.

Today, I offer a short prayer to help you avoid them. ⬇️
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The Hidden Message in the Healing of the Leper (Matthew 8:2)

Books can’t contain all that Jesus did (John 21:25).

That is why the gospel writers selected what stories to include strategically.

To make their point, they chose stories that shocked their initial audience.

I love the first healing story that Matthew detailed in his gospel.

It contains a hidden message for we modern readers. (Though it was a not-so-subtle message for Jewish readers back then.)

You have to SEE this. ⬇️

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A Prayer to Help You Hear God Today

This Christmas season has me thinking about God’s presence with us.

The reality that God is with you (and in you) is that you can hear Him talk to you.

Seriously! Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will guide you and tell you things, even about the future (John 16:13–15).

I am certain that God has something to say to you today.

I recorded a quick prayer to help you hear Him. Will you pray with me? ⬇️

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The Huge Clue about God in John the Baptist’s Name

At the beginning of his gospel, Luke devoted an entire chapter (80 verses) to the birth of John the Baptist.

That’s more than double what he wrote about Jesus’ birth.

Luke emphasized John’s story because it contains several clues about what was about to happen through Jesus.

To me, the most amazing clue is John’s name.

In a day when the first born was named after their father, an angel instructed his parents to name him John instead. The reason is HUGE. Watch below. ⬇️

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What Angels Said about You in the Christmas Story

One thing that I love about this time of year is that we get to revisit the Christmas story.

Sadly, the story seems so familiar to most of us that we tend to gloss over when we hear it.

Please don’t do that today. 

Because I’m drawing your attention to something the angels said in it, which is a huge revelation about YOU.

Watch this one-minute devotional I recorded on my phone for you. ⬇️

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