3 Ways to Use Your Mouth to Reprogram Your Life

A few years ago, God asked me to do something that scared me.

It was so nerve-racking that in the weeks leading up to doing it, fearful thoughts kept me from falling asleep at night.

In order to get some sleep and do what God asked of me, I had to learn how to use my mouth in a way that changed these thoughts.

Combatting negative thoughts is one of the key benefits of what I call “the mind and mouth connection.”

There are 2 more huge benefits to the connection. …

Watch today’s short message to discover the 3 ways to use your mouth to reprogram your life. ⬇️

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What God Said When I Got Mad During a Movie about Jesus’ Crucifixion

Some years ago, while watching a movie about Jesus’ crucifixion, I found myself super annoyed.

It wasn’t the acting or the people next to me in the theater that bothered me.

It was the constant crackling from the speaker system.

Finally, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. So I left my seat determined to complain to a manager.

Suddenly, what God popped into my mind plopped me back into my seat. And it’s a word I’ve returned to every time that I feel not good enough.

Take a minute to let this word empower you this week. ⬇️

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Suffering? God Wants You to Know THIS …

It’s the weekend and the last day of the month.

Many are relaxing.

Yet I sensed that you have some heavy things on your mind, which are keeping you from feeling free.

I don’t know if it has to do with your finances, health or a relationship.

But God compelled me to send you this quick message regarding whatever difficulties you face today.

These aren’t my words; He asked me to share His. So I’m just being obedient. …

Take a minute to watch below. 

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How to Harness Your Unfair Advantage for Effortless Success

These days, with others’ highlight reels literally under our noses on social media, it’s so tempting to copy the traits that appear to bring them success.

You need to be like somebody else” is one of the 10 devil-crafted lies that I shut down in my book, Shut Up, Devil.

I vulnerably share of my struggle with this lie, especially at the beginning of ministry.

For too long, I believed I needed the stories, the humor or the skinny jeans of other preachers my age in order to be “successful.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

Boy was I wrong!

Finally, God broke through all the insanity to reveal how to effortlessly harness the unfair advantage that I already had. And it’s a word for you, too.

Take a minute to be FREED by it today.

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The Truth Behind Real Healing and Deliverance

God brings struggling and hurting people to this ministry.

People who desperately need healing and deliverance that lasts for more than a season.

This is exactly what I always prayed that He’d do.

But after a decade of ministry (and plenty of personal experience), I discovered something about real, lasting healing and deliverance. …

Even if you’re somehow rid of symptoms—whether by supernatural or natural means—it won’t fully stick until you embrace a single, simple foundational truth.

Take a minute to watch me explain in the video below.

Shut Up, Devil Back CoverBy the way, this word comes from my new book, Shut Up, Devil: Silencing the 10 Lies Behind Every Battle You Face.  Order your signed copy here or get it on Amazon (in paperback, ebook or audiobook).

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The Secret about the Enemy’s Name that Reveals How to Beat Him

You probably know that the Bible wasn’t originally written in English. No, most of the New Testament was originally written in Greek.

Sometimes things get lost in translation.

The full meaning of the enemy’s name is one of those.

In Greek, “devil” is diabolos, which reveals not just who he is, but the specifics about what he does. And therefore, how you can beat his attacks.

 Watch below as I expose his “secret.” …

Shut Up, Devil Back Cover(By the way, exposing this secret is how I begin my new book, Shut Up, Devil: Silencing the 10 Lies Behind Every Battle You FaceOrder your signed copy now or pre-order from your favorite bookstore.)

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It’s Time to Forgive Yourself

If you’re anything like me, it’s often easier to accept that God forgave you than to forgive yourself.

The reason is because, though we are spiritually forgiven, our memories aren’t erased.

If you still feel the sting of something from the past—be it from 10 days ago or 10 years ago—then please receive this blessing I was led to speak over you. …

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The Healing Power of Knowing God as Your Good Father

Upon your acceptance of Jesus, the Bible assures that your relationship with God changed from master-servant to father-child (Galatians 4:7a).

Sadly, I know that many people don’t have a good frame of reference for what a healthy father-child relationship is.

Yet, it’s crucial that we do, because the Bible hinges so much upon being a child:

  • “Childlike” is how Jesus instructed we approach God (Matthew 18:3).
  • Knowing God as “Abba, Father” is what Paul said is the foundation of our blessings (Galatians 4:7b).

I’m telling you, there is untold healing power in knowing God as your good Father. More than any method could ever provide. Watch below. ⬇️

(By the way, if you want more where this came from, watch “What God Wants Most from You” or listen on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.)

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Fear You Have More to Do, Prove or Fix to Make God Happy?

I don’t know what happened over the weekend. But God told me that you might be feeling stressed or condemned.

Are you gnawing at the thought that there’s something more you need to do, prove, or fix this week? To make God happy? To be OK with yourself?

Maybe it has to do with your parenting, your job or some spiritual discipline you didn’t quite follow through with.

God sent me here with a word for you. Take just a minute to watch it below. ⬇️

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Watch How Your Sins Are Dissolved in Grace!

It’s a perplexing scripture to many—

 “Where sin increased, graced abounded all the more.” —Romans 5:20, ESV

The key word is “abounded,” which is hyperperisseuo in the original Greek. It means “disproportionately bigger.”

Yes, God’s amazing grace, which was given at the cross and lavished on all who believe in Christ, is immeasurably larger than our past and present sins and struggles.

To help you really see what this means, in my most recent message, I illustrated it in a way you won’t forget. Take a minute to watch—it’s fascinating.

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