How to Find Real Acceptance from the Right People

Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

I had the honor of speaking at a young adults’ conference last Friday evening.

I taught about how to find real acceptance.

This is a huge issue for young adults who have grown up around all the superficialness of social media.

But this isn’t only a topic for those in their 20s and 30s. We all have a desire to be accepted, don’t we? 

The reason is because God created us to be in relationship with people.

As I told the young adults: pursuing acceptance isn’t wrong. It’s just that most of us go about it all wrong. That’s why we get so hurt in the process.

So, while it was fresh on my mind, I took out my phone to share the greatest tip I discovered for finding real acceptance with the right people. Watch below. ⬇️

(By the way, if you need more help, consider my Rejecting Rejection ecourse. In 8 lessons, you’ll learn the truths and strategies you need to conquer rejection and grow in confidence and courage.)


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