Follow This Prayer for Freedom from Fear, Anxiety or Dread

Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

Many people awake with a subtle sense of fear, anxiety or dread.

It is common to experience these emotions at the beginning of the week as the mind begins to process upcoming events.

They can also be triggered by something as imaginary as a dream.

Whatever the cause, the Bible describes these sometimes-paralyzing feelings as “evil forebodings.”

If you find yourself facing them today, then join me in this prayer to stop them before they stop you. ⬇️

(Below the prayer, I’ve included a 3-minute audio track of Scripture declarations to defeat anxiety and worry. It’s one of 15 tracks on my Experience Freedom album, available to you today for a donation of ANY amount.)



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For more freedom, follow along with these Scripture declarations from my Experience Freedom album, available today for a donation of ANY amount.

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