A Prayer to Help You Get Past the Past

Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

Nothing like a birthday week to get you reflecting on the past and the future.

As I did, I prayed this prayer, which I thought might be helpful for you too. It’s a simple prayer for getting past the past and moving into what God has for you.

If you pray it with me, please drop me an “Amen” on the Instagram post.


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  • Text of the prayer: “God, give me the grace to stand up and move on from all of the ways that I have fallen. Help me to break through all of the fears and weaknesses that try to hold me back. I stand on your Word that I am made new and made right with you. So empower me like You did the apostle Paul—to forget what lies behind and to move into and move onto what lies ahead in You. God, I trust that You will take my bad and turn it into good, and help me to experience the full joy of my salvation.”
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