A Love Letter from the Lord, Addressed to You

Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

I recently received something from the Lord. He said, “it’s a love letter;” and it’s addressed to you.

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Here’s the text:

“My Child,

Before you took your first innocent breath in this temporary home. Before the news of your coming was ever known. In fact, before you were formed, I knew you—all about you—and I loved you.

You were always my idea! When I considered the uniqueness you’d bring and what it would offer my world, I made a choice to orchestrate your existence. So I spoke, “Let there be you.” And I’m happy I did.

Every feature and shape, the precise way your face creases when you smile … oh how I love that smile! The sound of your laugh and the passions you pursue—those aren’t quirks, they’re qualities. Qualities I crafted to make you, you.

But what I love the most. Why I made that consequential choice to bring you to life. It’s far more than anything you can do. It’s the sound of your voice. Every word you confide. Every struggle you share. Every mess you confess. I look forward to those precious, tender moments when our hearts connect.

My child, I love you. And all the words in a million love letters couldn’t adequately express what that means. You’ll find out more in time. But for now, just know there’s nothing you can do to change My mind. I love you. And I’m so glad you’re here … with Me.

Your Father, God”

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