Permission to Be Imperfect (the Sermon)

Some years ago, I went to a theater to watch a movie about Jesus’ crucifixion.

The speakers started crackling from the beginning.

I slipped out of my seat after 20 minutes, determined to inform a manager about the annoying sound.

I didn’t get far.

Something popped into my mind, which put me back in my seat and became inspiration for my book, Permission to Be Imperfect.

Hear what I heard and how God continued to expand on its message to change my life.

(This is a teaching from a recent church service. As you watch it, you’ll understand why people were so moved to laugh and cry throughout.) ⬇️

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Pentecost Revealed: The True Meaning Behind What Started in the Upper Room

We celebrate “Pentecost” this Sunday.

This annual Christian holiday commemorates the first time God filled people with His Spirit (see Acts 2).

But before it was Pentecost, it was the Jewish “feast of harvest.”

When you understand its roots, you’ll gain a deeper insight into what happened at the first Pentecost, why it happened, and what it means for your life today.

Take a few minutes to be amazed!

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What God Told Me about Being His Child

The Bible makes a lot of being a child.

Jesus instructed that to enter God’s kingdom, we must become like little children (Matthew 18:3).

John said that Jesus came to give us the right to become children of God (John 1:12).

Paul encouraged to call God, “Abba, Father” (a term of endearment that children speak) (Romans 8:15).

Since so much emphasis is placed on childlikeness in the New Testament, I asked God what this looks like.

You might find what I received helpful for the start of your week.

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Love’s Power to Help You Sin Less – A Conversation with Randy Robison

For years, I thought that reminding people of God’s unconditional love might stifle their growth.

I feared it might make them lazy. Or give them the infamous “license to sin.”

Turns out—I was way wrong.

Recently, I had the opportunity to join Randy Robison (of Life Today) in an engaging conversation about love’s power to help you sin less (without trying).

Discover why I say, “Be you and be loved.” …

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God’s Way for Victory – My Discussion with Janet Parshall

“That’s not enough! You better do some more!”

That’s how syndicated radio host Janet Parshall described the devil’s most common whisper into the minds of Christians.

She’s spot on.

As I just shared on her radio show (listen below), the enemy works to get us caught up in works. That’s because he knows that striving—even with good spiritual disciplines—makes us weaker not stronger.

There’s a far more effective way to live victoriously than juggling dos, don’ts and disciplines.

It’s through the simple power of grace.

Yet there are many misconceptions about grace that make people miss its power. Things like

  • “Isn’t grace just a license to sin?”
  • “Doesn’t grace promote passivity?”
  • “Isn’t holiness achieved with great effort?”

Janet and I take down these fallacies—so that you walk away from our conversation knowing God’s way for victory.

Listen in to our rich discussion. ….

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The Power of God’s Love – My Interview with Susie Larson

“What happens in your soul happens in your cells.”

My friend, Susie Larson, always says that.

It’s such a true statement.

It’s why I talk so much about knowing God’s love.

As I explore in my new book, we are designed for it. Not just at a spiritual level, but at a cellular level.

This week, Susie invited me on her radio show to discuss that.

This is a great listen while you drive, work or workout.

You’ll learn:

  • The link between God’s love and less stress
  • The dangers of “sin management” (and the better way to sin less)
  • How love impacts you biologically, cellularly and spiritually
  • Why you have permission to be imperfect

This is no cliche conversation, trust me! …

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Stop Striving for Perfect – My Interview on Life Today

Did you see me on TV?

Recently, my friends at Life Today invited me to discuss the message behind my new book, Permission to Be Imperfect: How to Strive Less, Stress Less, Sin Less.

The interview aired on most Christian TV networks yesterday.

If you didn’t get to tune in (or you’d like to rewatch), you’ll find the video below.

They brought up so many great topics that will help you to hear.

Things like:

  • What did Jesus mean when He said, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48)”?
  • How do we keep from becoming legalistic about spiritual disciplines?
  • What do you do when you feel not enough?
  • What’s the effective solution to dealing with sin?

There’s so much insight in this 20-minute conversation. (Be sure to stayed tuned in through the final words at the end.)

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Shut Down What the Devil’s Really After

Many people associate the devil’s attacks with sickness, disaster, and tragedy.

He’s certainly behind those painful things.

But pain isn’t the enemy’s end game.

In the short below, I reveal what he’s really after … and the easy way to ensure that nothing formed against you will prosper. 🔽

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From Adam to Jesus: Your Spiritual DNA Explained

The apostle Paul made a curious statement:

“Now Adam is a symbol, a representation of Christ, who was yet to come” (Romans 5:14).

How could that be?

Adam sinned. Jesus didn’t.

What Paul meant is that you inherit spiritual DNA from Jesus in the same way you inherited it from Adam.

Discover what this means about you and your future.  🔽

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Worthy Is the LAMB!

Before Jesus, the people of Israel had to atone for their sins with a sin offering.

The sacrifice of a defect-free lamb was the best.

As you probably know, the lamb was prophetic of Jesus—the Lamb of God, sacrificed on the cross to forgive the sins of the world (John 1:29).

But there’s also something in the act of offering a lamb that’s prophetic for you and me today.

It’s HUGE. … 🔽

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