These 13 Words Mean God Is NOT Angry Anymore

There are 13 words in the New Testament that make up what’s been called, “the greatest sermon ever preached.”

“Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”
—John the Baptist (John 1:29, ESV)

These words changed the world. They changed my world! And they also have the power to change yours—if you’ll do as John the Baptist encouraged and truly behold them.

In this clip from my full “Behold the Lamb!” message (listen on Apple podcasts), you’ll discover the amazing significance of Jesus as the Lamb of God. (Hint: it explains why God is not angry anymore!)

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The Sneaky Way the Enemy Creates a Lie

Surely you know that the devil is a liar.

Jesus referred to him as the father of lies (John 8:44).

But the Bible also reveals that the enemy masquerades as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). That means that most people swallow his lies without even knowing it. …

All because his lies include a surprising ingredient. ⬇️
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Did You Hear about the Parade?

Jesus’ death on the cross was the moment of the devil’s certain defeat (see Colossians 2:14–15).

At this moment, the Bible describes that a spiritual event took place, which few modern believers have ever heard about.

The event is called a “triumphal procession,” which is a kind of parade.

And it was God’s way of confirming that we never have to fear the devil.

This is fascinating. ⬇️

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A Prayer for Peace with the Life You Have

In each of our lives, there is something we wish didn’t happen or wasn’t there.

And while I can’t answer all the whys for how things are, I can pray for peace in whatever you face, feel or deal with.

I thought this would be a great start your week. …

Please take a minute to receive this prayer for peace with the life you have. ⬇️
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An Invitation from God

Many people believe that their failures cause God to withdraw.

Yet one of the first lessons in Scripture proves otherwise. After Adam and Eve fell to temptation, God met them in their hiding place.

Jesus did the same with the woman at the well.

Despite her sinful condition, He pursued her, not to give condemnation or a list of dos and don’ts, but to give something that produced far more deliverance than any discipline ever could.

I don’t know what you face as you read this. But God does. And He’s not waiting to tell you off. He’s come with this message of love. ⬇️

By the way, don’t miss the letter at the end, addressed to YOU.

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Follow This Prayer for Freedom from Fear, Anxiety or Dread

Many people awake with a subtle sense of fear, anxiety or dread.

It is common to experience these emotions at the beginning of the week as the mind begins to process upcoming events.

They can also be triggered by something as imaginary as a dream.

Whatever the cause, the Bible describes these sometimes-paralyzing feelings as “evil forebodings.”

If you find yourself facing them today, then join me in this prayer to stop them before they stop you. ⬇️
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The Best Way to Meditate on Scripture

I’m a huge believer in meditating on Scripture.

The Bible describes it as a practice that positions you for almost effortless change and growth (see Psalm 1:2–3; Romans 12:2).

The problem I see is that most people don’t know how to effectively (or biblically) meditate. They either confuse it with new age rituals. Or they take a law-based approach that might do more harm than good.

In today’s teaching clip, I reveal the best way to meditate on Scripture. (Watch below. ⬇️)
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The One Threat to God’s Good Plan for You

Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorite scriptures.

It assures that God created you new in Christ to do the good things He planned long ago.

Yes, well before you were made, God had good things in mind for you. Incredibly, nothing about your life was unaccounted for by God. Even the most broken parts of your story were known by Him and included in the mix of His plan.

Yet there is something that threatens what God has prepared for you. And it isn’t what you think. Not a fault, flaw or failure.

It’s your definition of a very common word.

Take a minute to hear what I mean. ⬇️

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The Hidden Root of Toxic Emotions

Most people try to combat toxic emotions like fear, insecurity, shame and stress in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Behavior modification
  2. Medication
  3. Spiritual deliverance

All three have their place.

But none of them can replace getting to the root of the issue.

In today’s short message, I explore what’s really driving your toxic emotions and inner battles so that you can move beyond managing symptoms to experience true freedom. ⬇️

(Also, be sure to check out my Think On These Things 30-day scripture journal. It helps you strategically apply healing truth according to God’s design for your mind. Learn more.)

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