What to Do While You Wait…on God

Do you ever wonder what’s taking God so long? On that relationship? On that promise? On that opportunity? Here’s what to do while you wait.

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Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

Waiting on God. It can be one of the most frustrating things about the Christian journey. Perhaps through a promise in Scripture, a prophetic word or just a knowing in your heart, God has spoken undeniable things to you regarding a relationship, a family, a career or a ministry. But what He rarely mentions at the time of the promise is how long it will take to get there!

Then as months, years and even decades pass, the devil whispers his all-too familiar line: “Did God really say?” With his seeds of doubt planted, we begin to think that perhaps we really did miss God, maybe we made it up, or worse, did God change His mind and move on?

I’ll tell you this: my faith journey hasn’t been free of these doubts. I had an idea at 16 years old of what God was calling me to, but I then faced years of roadblocks, including hostility within my family to what I was doing, the distractions of youthful lusts, lots of ‘No’s’ and closed doors, skepticism from those older than me, seasons of spiritual dryness and plenty of false starts.

3 Principles to Practice in Waiting

While my time in waiting likely differs from yours, I’ve certainly combatted my share of frustrations and crying out, “When God, when?” But through it all, I learned a few principles that I believe will also help you while you wait.

1) Remember that you’re not alone.

Often, simply knowing others are experiencing something similar is a key to perseverance. Consider that Abraham had to wait at least 25 years for his promised son. Or that the Israelites wondered for 40 years before seeing the promised land. But God was faithful!

2) Get ready!

In my life, I’ve had to be strategic and prayerful to take the sometimes risky steps necessary so that I’m ready to walk through when God opens the door. But with my personality, I also had to be careful not to push the door open myself! Ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to be more ready?” Do it. Then leave it up to God.

3) Know that your time is in God’s hands.

Finally, through delay after delay, I tell myself that it just must not be the right timing. A key to keeping joy while you wait is to constantly remind yourself that your time is in God’s hands; He is the One who orders your steps.

Your When Is On the Way

Here’s a Word of victory to stand on for perseverance. It’s Psalm 37:23: “The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.” While you wait, be assured that God is moving you from situation to situation in order to prepare you for the promise! He’s ordering your steps. Enjoy the journey knowing that it’s not a matter of if, but just a matter of when. And be assured that the “when” is on the way!

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