The Most Pivotal Declaration to Beat Fear of the Future

Overcome anxiety about your future with this pivotable declaration about God’s faithfulness in your past.

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Kyle WinklerBy Kyle Winkler
Author & Bible Teacher

A common misconception about faith is that God asks us to approach it blindly. Accordingly, many believe the pinnacle of belief is to trust God without the need of evidence. To make such an assertion, we often look to models in “faith’s hall of fame.” It’s thought that Noah “blindly” followed God to prepare for something never before seen. Abraham “blindly” obeyed God to nearly sacrifice his only son Isaac. Or that David “blindly” ran to the battle line to face Goliath.

The Key to Faith

The faith of our heroes is not one of blind belief, but belief based upon a history of God’s goodness.

As I explore in my book, Activating the Power of God’s Word, though the faith of many throughout the Bible is exemplary, it’s never blind. None of those we just reviewed acted only because a voice instructed them to do something. No, each built their confidence and trust to obey God’s difficult orders because of their histories with Him. Noah was known as one who walked closely with God (see Gen. 6:9). And he was hundreds of years old when God asked him to build the ark. In all that time, Noah shared a rich history with God who had proven faithful time and time again. Over time, Abraham came to intimately know the Lord as a promise keeper. David mustered up the courage to confront Goliath because He remembered when God delivered him from a lion and a bear.

My point: the story of the faith of our heroes is not one of blind belief, but belief based upon a history of God’s goodness.

My History with God

Courage grows and faith is built by reflecting on God’s faithfulness, protection and provision in your life.

I remember a pivotal time when I faced a decision to either take a step toward my dream or remain comfortable and cozy. Though I clearly knew God asked me to relocate to begin a new season, it meant leaving close friends, a good job and an area that I loved—all to help rebuild an organization that was nearly burned to the ground. To take the step would mean to proceed with no assurance of the future, and with little to no support from loved ones.

Though the season of decision was a painful one marked by many tears, I decided to take the risk. Still, I didn’t step into the unknown without any reasoning. No, to grow courage for the move, I took a deep dive into my history with God where I rediscovered His hand of guidance through situation after situation. This time of reflection reminded me of God’s good nature—His faithfulness, protection and provision—which built my faith that He would do it all again. And now, looking back after more than a decade—He did.

Review Your History with God

You still being here is proof that you have a history full of God’s goodness.

Perhaps you don’t realize it, but you too have a history with God’s goodness. The very fact you’re here to read this today means that you made it through something you feared you’d never make it through. Whether a health scare, a relationship disaster, or a financial meltdown—whatever the tragedy—you’re still here.

So as you look ahead, take some time to reflect upon the goodness of God that you’ve encountered so far. Now use this evidence from the past to prophesy to the future: “I’m not afraid; I’m not anxious. God got me through before, and He’ll do it again.”


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