The Effects of Christian Voters

Christian voters have made a huge impact on American culture.

Many Christian Americans are disenfranchised with the nation’s political system — and for good reason. Moral failure amongst leadership, constant threats of government shutdown, and strife between the parties often causes a Christian to grow apathetic and question his or her involvement in politics. We’ve all said it: “Does my vote make any difference?” Stats show that it does. In the last ten years, both the presence and absence of Christian voters have made a huge impact on American culture.

When Christians Get Involved

It’s estimated that there are about sixty million evangelical Christians in America. During the four elections between 1992–2002, the evangelical turnout steadily declined. In 2002, however, something sparked an interest and polls showed a 2% increase in Christian voter turnout. As a result, 36 of the 54 new House members were pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-family (67%). Likewise were 8 of the 10 new Senators (80%).

The first four major pro-life laws since Roe v. Wade were enacted.

In 2004, a much more substantial turnout occurred. There was a 93% increase in Christians voting! That major increase gave pro-life candidates huge majorities in the House and Senate. In fact, 25 of the 40 new House members were pro-life (63%) and 7 of the 9 new Senators were pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-family (77%).

What impact did this increase in Christian voting have? Historian David Barton summarizes: “The result was the congressional enactment of the first four major stand-alone pro-life laws since Roe v. Wade: the Infants Born Alive Protection Act, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, and the Fetal Farming Ban…Furthermore, the addition of so many new pro-life Senators resulted in the confirmation of two new pro-life Supreme Court Justices and dozens of pro-life court of appeals and federal district court judges.”

When Christians Don’t Get Involved

In 2006, America voted in the most pro-choice Congress in history.

In 2006, something changed. While 92.5% of homosexual men and 91% of lesbian women voted, there was a 30% drop in Christians voting. What happened as a result? Only 17 of the 54 new House members (30%) and only 1 of the 10 new Senators (10%) were pro-life. The Baltimore Sun reported that America voted in “the most pro-choice Congress in the history of the Republic.”

Your Voice Makes a Difference

It has been said, “Congress never reflects the values of the nation; rather, it only reflects the values of those who voted in the last election.” Don’t be fooled into believing that your vote is meaningless. When Christians vote according to biblical convictions, it makes a huge difference!

For more information visit David Barton’s Wallbuilders ministry.