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Experience sustained victory in your everyday life! In three illustrated messages, Kyle reveals how to renew your mind and use God's Word to shut down Satan's plans against you.

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BONUS: Get the downloadable audio versions of each message with purchase.

The Silence Satan 3-DVD Set features three illustrated messages revealing how to shut down the enemy’s plans against you. (Approximately 3 hours of teaching.)

Watch sample clips:
“Satan’s Setup” (from part 1)
“His Strength and Our Weaknesses” (from part 2)
“How to Put on the Helmet of Salvation” (from part 3)

With plenty of personal stories and in-depth Bible teaching, Kyle teaches you:
– The specific tactics in Satan’s playbook against us
– How to put on Christ as the greatest weapon in spiritual warfare
– How each piece of God’s full armor helps you stand in the victory of Christ

Discover how to renew your mind and use God’s Word to silence Satan and experience sustained victory in your everyday life.

Three teachings on 3 DVDS:
1) The Noose or the Nails
Using his own experience with spiritual warfare, Kyle reveals the many ways Satan tries to silence us with wounds, accusations, lies, and deceit. He thens leads you on a journey to the place where the things Satan meant for your defeat actually defeat him instead.

2) The Voice of Truth
Satan is the great identity thief. He uses regrets of the past or voices of the present to steal your identity in Christ and replace it with his defeated on. Through personal stories and Bible teaching, Kyle explains how to overcome your struggles and see yourself as God sees you.

3) The Uniform of the Righteous
Spiritual warfare is not about engaging in combat with a devil who’s defeated, but about standing in the victory of the One who defeated him. Kyle explores the six articles of the full armor of God and instructs how to apply each piece in order to stand in your identity in Christ.

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