What Gets in the Way of Enjoying Today

Kyle reveals a place many of us spend way too much time, which robs us of enjoying today. View →

Released: June 20, 2017 | Length:
How to Give God's Word a Voice

Kyle uncovers how you and God’s angels partner in bringing God’s Word to life. View →

Released: June 12, 2017 | Length:
The Sinister Assignment of Satan’s Attacks

Kyle reveals the sinister assignment that Satan has on his attacks. And it’s much more than just causing you pain and grief. View →

Released: June 5, 2017 | Length:
The Devil's Dirty Secret about Fear

Kyle exposes the dirty secret about fear that the devil doesn’t want you to know. View →

Released: May 22, 2017 | Length:
How to Discover God’s Plan for You

Here’s what God showed Kyle is the surprising, but simple way to discover His great plans. View →

Released: May 15, 2017 | Length:
Shake It Off!

Kyle shares a personal story about rejection and what God revealed that set him free. It’s a powerful word for you, too. View →

Released: May 8, 2017 | Length:
Your Supernatural DNA Change

Kyle teaches how to get beyond your feelings to experience the reality of all God’s promises. View →

Released: May 1, 2017 | Length:
The 3 Steps of the Devil's Destruction

Kyle shares the three steps to the devil’s destruction and the single “step” to avoid it altogether. View →

Released: April 24, 2017 | Length:
The Power of Your Words

Kyle illustrates the huge difference that positive versus negative speaking has on your life. View →

Released: April 17, 2017 | Length:
The Power of One Spoken Sentence

Kyle uncovers how a common word we use to describe the cosmos fascinatingly affirms a significant truth of scripture. View →

Released: April 10, 2017 | Length:
Activating the Power of God's Word

Kyle shares the supernatural power that’s woven into creation to define identity, experience refreshment, overcome obstacles and win spiritual battles. View →

Released: April 4, 2017 | Length:
God's Promises

Kyle reveals how a discovery about God’s “promises” changed what He thought about God’s Word. And it’s so encouraging. View →

Released: March 27, 2017 | Length:
One of Satan's Greatest Traps

Kyle reveals how to know if you’re already caught in one of Satan’s greatest traps, and how to immediately escape if you are. View →

Released: March 20, 2017 | Length:
Truth about Rejection

Kyle reveals some profound truth about the insecurity of rejection that will help free you from its prison. View →

Released: March 13, 2017 | Length:
The 1 Solution That Overcomes Satan’s Greatest Plot

Kyle reveals must-know info to protect you from Satan’s greatest plot. View →

Released: March 6, 2017 | Length:
How to Change the Channel in Your Mind

Kyle shows how to change the channel when your mind begins to re-air regretful reminders from the past. View →

Released: February 27, 2017 | Length:
6 Transformational Truths

Kyle reveals the six foundational truths that transformed him from shy and insecure to bold and confident. View →

Released: February 20, 2017 | Length:
Kyle Winkler with Matt and Kendal Hagee

Kyle joins Matt and Kendal Hagee to talk about how to activate the power of God’s Word to transform your life. View →

Released: February 11, 2017 | Length:
What to Say When You Don't Know What to Pray

When you’re all out of words to pray, this single declaration contains all the power you need. View →

Released: February 3, 2017 | Length:
What You Never Knew About the Armor of God

Discover the revolutionary insight that will help you activate the armor of God to win your spiritual battles. View →

Released: January 30, 2017 | Length:
What You Know about Satan Might Be Mostly Myth

Kyle reveals the biblical truth about where Satan spends his time, what he spends it doing and why it matters to you. View →

Released: January 23, 2017 | Length:
Why God Made You Different

Watch as Kyle shares some dynamic encouragement to help you be confident in the skin God put you in. View →

Released: January 12, 2017 | Length:
2 Potent Lies the Devil Perpetrates

Watch as Kyle reveals the two most potent lies Satan perpetrates to hold you back. View →

Released: January 9, 2017 | Length:
Caught Between the Past and the Promise

Kyle shares powerful encouragement to help you keep moving forward toward the promise when the past beckons you back. View →

Released: January 3, 2017 | Length:
What you never knew about Satan's defeat

When Satan was defeated at the cross, a fascinating event took place—one that you probably never heard about. View →

Released: December 12, 2016 | Length:
Could this be the voice of God?

Those persistent thoughts that warn, “Don’t do this!” or “Check that!” … are they from paranoia or intuition … or are they the voice of God? View →

Released: December 5, 2016 | Length:

Watch as Kyle uses a revealing illustration to uncover Satan’s secret strategy against your mind. View →

Released: November 29, 2016 | Length:
Two Goals of Satan's Attacks

Watch as Kyle reveals the two surprising goals of Satan’s attacks, and how you can thwart them. View →

Released: November 15, 2016 | Length:
How to Change Someone

Kyle shares how God used a joke gone bad in order to teach him a lesson that he’ll never forget. View →

Released: November 4, 2016 | Length:

Before you go to the ballot box, you need to hear the message God has hidden in the book of Psalms. View →

Released: November 1, 2016 | Length:
End the Search for Significance

Kyle shares the straight talk God gave him that will put an end to your search for significance. View →

Released: October 21, 2016 | Length:
Overcoming Social Media's Dark Side

Kyle reveals how to overcome the emotional pitfalls of our always-connected culture. View →

Released: October 17, 2016 | Length:

The Bible gives two words that expose Satan’s strategy. Here’s what they are, what they reveal and what to do about it. View →

Released: October 10, 2016 | Length:
3 Undebatable Desires God Has for You

Kyle reveals three undebatable desires that God has for you today. View →

Released: October 3, 2016 | Length:

This one powerful reminder from Satan’s past is sure to send him packing. View →

Released: September 26, 2016 | Length:
How to Be Brave When You Don't Feel Brave

Kyle reveals the secret to how to lead your feelings and take a position of courage. View →

Released: September 19, 2016 | Length:
Spiritual Warfare Strategy

Kyle uncovers a simple, but oh-so-effective spiritual warfare strategy you probably were never taught. View →

Released: September 12, 2016 | Length:
Ending Frustration and Disappointment with People

Kyle shares some hard-hitting truth for how to end being disappointed and frustrated by people. View →

Released: September 6, 2016 | Length:
Why you must do something that scares you

Kyle shares a word that will help you step out and experience the big rewards of big obedience. View →

Released: August 29, 2016 | Length:
Why Satan Hates You

Kyle uncovers three reasons why Satan hates you and how to use that info to overcome his attacks. View →

Released: August 22, 2016 | Length:
Identify with Your New Identity

Watch as Kyle powerfully illustrates the truth of your new identity change and how to bring what God says about you to life. View →

Released: August 15, 2016 | Length:
God's Power in Your Weakness

Kyle shares a story about how God now uses what he once thought was one of his greatest limitations. Watch and discover how God will do the same for you. View →

Released: August 8, 2016 | Length:
Activate Your Healing

Kyle shows you how to activate the divine healing that Jesus died to give you. View →

Released: August 1, 2016 | Length:
How to Intercept Satan's Weapons

Here’s how to sever the power and plans of the weapons Satan launches against you. View →

Released: July 25, 2016 | Length:

Struggle with busyness or fear that you’re not doing enough? Don’t miss this! Here’s what God says is OK to “do” instead! View →

Released: July 18, 2016 | Length:
Don't Beg God for Your Needs

If you’re begging and pleading with God to provide your needs…stop! Kyle shows you what God wants you to start to do instead. View →

Released: July 11, 2016 | Length:
Satan's Last Days Strategy

Watch as Kyle exposes the devil’s schemes and how you can avoid falling for Satan’s setup. View →

Released: June 27, 2016 | Length:

Satan wants to use your mind as his garbage dump. But you don’t have to let him. Here’s the #1 way to resist the his trash! View →

Released: June 20, 2016 | Length:
Why God Doesn't Want You to Be Happy

God never said that He wants you to be happy. No, here’s what He has in mind for you that’s so much better. View →

Released: June 13, 2016 | Length:
Kyle Winkler and Bishop McClendon on TBN

Kyle and Bishop McClendon have a riveting discussion about the spiritual warfare power of knowing who you are and what you have in Christ. View →

Released: June 6, 2016 | Length: