Understanding Singleness As a Powerful Gift of the Spirit

There’s another gift of the Spirit Paul mentions that’s often overlooked or dismissed, even though it’s equally as powerful. It’s the gift of singleness. View →

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Overcome anxiety about your future. Reflect on God’s faithfulness in your life. View →

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Struggling with insecurity, disappointment, discontentment, worry? Rediscover what God whispers to get you through it all. View →

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Beauty for Ashes

People’s opinions, pain of the past or the present can steal your hope. Allow these reflections to shift your perspective and restore your joy. View →

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You’re not a mere “sinner saved by grace.” Start now by agreeing with God that you are His righteousness in Christ! View →

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How do you avoid the pitfalls of disappointment? Practice these four actions to experience God’s joy. View →

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Why You Don't Have to Pray for Love, Joy, Peace, Patience

You no longer have to beg for the fruit of God’s Spirit. Water your mind with God’s Word to get rid of old habits, thoughts and feelings. View →

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Speaking Scripture to Silence Satan's Lies

Satan loves to trap us in an endless cycle of “strategies” for self-improvement. But here’s a simple, spiritual habit to truly change your life forever. View →

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The enemy likes to attack your weaknesses to make you feel insignificant. Learn how God uses these very weaknesses to trounce the devil. View →

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Authentic Christianity

The world needs a Church that will stand on the foundations of authentic Christianity. Rediscover the fundamentals of the gospel. View →

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How to Get Closer to God

God designed you to be in intimate relationship with Him. Discover the two vital keys to help you get closer to God. View →

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People who want to encounter Jesus often have barriers to push through. What is holding you back from a deeper relationship with God? View →

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Stories of God’s mighty works have always spurred the gospel onward. Learn a powerful way to share your faith by telling stories. View →

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Don’t be exhausted serving God. Determine whether or not your schedule is filled with things He has asked you to do. View →

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